1.   Q: What are the different profiles you offer?
      A: Clicking on the Click for style info. beside the Choose Style picker will pop up an image of all the different profiles.

  2.   Q: What is the difference between Trotter/Slip and Lil Trotter/Lil Slip ?
      A: The difference is the Lil' series are thinner and taller than the same size float in Trotter or slip.

  3.   Q: What size float should I get?
      A: Size is dependent on water conditions. In high fast moving water, you would require a larger capacity float so you can have enough weight under it to get your offering down deep, quickly. Slower moving water you can down size your float but it is still dependent on depth. The goal is to get down to where you want, as fast as possible.

  4.   Q: What is the loafer style?
      A: I developed my loafer style to have higher visibility and also be a little more stable in fast water. I primarily fish fast moving water and had trouble loosing my float in the waves. The loafer is a taller float with a slim profile. The top colour is a tad bit taller so the indicator is easier to track down stream. The slim profile seems to cut through the waves a bit more allowing me the ability to direct where I want my float to travel.

  5.   Q: There is a minimum quantity of 4. Does that mean I need to order 4 of each design I want?
      A: No, it is just a minimum quantity of 4 floats in the order. You can order 12 different designs in 12 different profiles and sizes.

  6.   Q: What are the different glow top colours you offer?
      A: Clicking on the Click for Glow examples. beside the Choose Top Colour picker will pop up an image of all the different glow top colours. Night and day mode are demonstrated.

  7.   Q: I don't have a PayPal account. How can I pay for my order?
      A: You can pay via e-transfer as well. When you check out just add a note to your order saying you'd like to pay via e-transfer and submit your order. Wait for me to contact you regarding payment.

  8.   Q: I want a custom design, how do I go about ordering floats with my design ideas?
      A: You can contact me via HERE with your request and we can start an email or text dialog about your design idea.